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"Pair of socks...?"

"No, 'para-dox'. They're very different things."

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Name:Arthur is fine...
This is a fictional journal for role playing purposes. I don't have any association with the creators, crew and cast of the film Inception. I'm not Joseph Gordon-Levitt, nor do I know him personally or professionally. I'm not Arthur, who is a fictional character. No monies are made with this journal.

Mun and Muse are over the age of 18.

Please Note: Muse is bilingual. Mun can only wish.

Ideas for threading? Bring 'em on.

Arthur is precision and elegance and efficiency of time and movement.


It wasn't always that way and he works very hard to ensure that he doesn't slip again, doesn't slide into that aspect of the world that has him lose control and lose his sense of time and space and ultimately, lose his sense of self.

And his sanity.

He isn't doing it for the money, though that's icing, isn't it? He needs the challenge, that sharp edge to keep him alive and he's tried just about everything to find it. The PASIV program gave him hope. He has his off days, just like everyone else, but he tries to confine himself to his own company when they happen.

It isn't always possible.

The extent of his knowledge isn't known by many, if it's possible to be known by anyone other than himself. He rarely forgets what he learns, though, and he always applies the positive, useful information to honing his skills and making him a better person and a better Pointman.

A better weapon.

He has a sense of humor, that's dry as the desert. And it isn't that he doesn't smile or doesn't relax. He just doesn't always have a reason for either state. You can try giving him one, but good luck. His shields are stable and it will take a determined force to get through them.

It might be worth the effort.

Photo from GQ Magazine. Found on website Band of Outsiders.
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